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iPhone Photography Class
How To Take Better Photos With Your iPhone


What's Covered...

  • iPhone tips & tricks

  • fundamental photography concepts

  • practice what you learn during a hands on walk around The Stanley

Oct 30th, 2022    SOLD OUT

Feb 4th, 2023     SOLD OUT

Apr 15th, 2023    SOLD OUT

Jun 10th, 2023    SOLD OUT

Aug 20th, 2023   SOLD OUT

Feb 4th, 2024     SOLD OUT

Apr 28th, 2024    SOLD OUT

Jun 9th, 2024      SOLD OUT





Corey F., 2023

I took Kelley's iPhone photography class before a big trip and it was an afternoon well spent. Before the class, I had no idea my phone camera could do so much! Kelley walked us through the correct settings and gave us easy to use tips and tricks. We also discussed things to think about when setting up a picture, rather than just pointing and shooting. And Kelley provided great editing suggestions before giving us time to practice what we learned. I would highly recommend Kelley's class. Everyone with an iPhone is walking around with an amazing camera in their pocket; you just need Kelley to teach you how to take advantage of all it has to offer!


Lindsay D., 2022

Kelley’s class covers practical yet highly impactful tips and tricks to make everyday photos look professional and stunning. Topics include composition, lighting and editing, and Kelley covers both phone functionality and universal photography principles. As part of the class, students are given the opportunity to practice and improve newly learned skills in the field with Kelley’s expert coaching. Both beginners and experienced photographers will improve their photography skills under her guidance. My personal photos look significantly better after taking this class! It’s sometimes hard to believe they came from me. I’m grateful for the skills I picked up from Kelley.

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