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My Story

Photography is my passion, my meditation, my creative outlet.


As a landscape photographer, I actively seek out beauty and immersion in nature. Colorado is my muse and my teacher. I call my myself lucky to take in the sweeping vistas of the Rocky Mountains on a daily basis. I now seek out other locations for landscape photography in my constant pursuit of awe.


People photography also draws me in, as I seek to tell people's stories in an authentic and documentary style. I strive to find the beauty in the everyday.


Travel photography activates both of my interests in landscapes and people. I have always been an explorer, a traveler and lover of different cultures and far away places . I absolutely adore capturing the people, scenes and cultures of my adventures.

While I do love my Sony mirrorless camera system, I have a particularly interest in iPhone photography. I believe great photos are not just limited to expensive equipment. With the right vision and technical knowledge, the iPhone can make an excellent photographic tool for landscape, people and travel photography.

Over the years, I have had the honor to be recognized for my photography work. I have received awards in multiple competitions, been published in several books and magazines, and have shown my work in galleries around the world.

To share my passion for photography, I currently teach in-person iPhone photography workshops in Denver. I am also available for private lessons. Please reach out for more information.

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