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My work explores the convergence of documentary and fine art photography.

As a documentary photographer, I create artful representations of everyday life finding beauty in the mundane.

As a fine art photographer, I create authentic representations of a scene without misrepresentation through editing.


I strive to tell stories of everyday life through an unscripted and unposed photographic approach. I have a particular interest in documenting childhood. My goal is to make authentic images that capture the real personalities of kids, which will ultimately serve as a visual diary of their childhood. 


I create fine art photography - influenced both by my love of nature and my passion for travel. My fine art represents nature and landscapes from my home state of Colorado as well as other scenes from the 40+ countries I have had the opportunity to explore. 


I take great interest in iPhone photography, as I believe great photos are not just limited to expensive equipment. With the right vision and technical knowledge, the iPhone can make an excellent photographic tool for both documentary and fine art photography.

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