Photo Collections

Kelley has a strong wanderlust and is always planning her next adventure. In the last five years, she has adventured with her family to Japan and Italy and on photography focused travels to Cuba and most recently (January 2020) the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Kelley is also interested in exploring the photographic capabilities of her iPhone. With its accessibility and simplicity, her iPhone has become an important tool for her to practice and improve her craft of seeing. iPhone photography has become an effective way for her to study the many visual elements that come together to create a strong photograph. One of her favorite visual elements to study with her iPhone is light — particularly shadows, pockets of light and chiaroscuro light. Her iPhone allows her to quickly and easily make adjustments in her point of view and in the exposure level to maximize her use of light. Constant use of my iPhone has helped to elevate her craft of seeing light, darkness and shadow and has enhanced her visual storytelling skills.