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Justine saw a post in a local Mom’s group about my documentary approach to photography where I focus on an in-home family photography session, and she was hooked. Her past “posed” photography sessions had ended up looking so awkward and unnatural. The idea of capturing her family, in and around their home, where they were comfortable and doing what they normally do with their kids, sounded like a better kind of approach to family photos.

This in-home family photography session delivered just what Justine was looking for – authentic expressions, capturing day-to-day family traditions that mean so much to them at this point in time.

in-home family photography session

Snack time was a favorite in this household, and for that matter, in any household with young kids. Dad has a special was of making popcorn and his daughter loved to reap the rewards. She even tried to feed the popcorn to her baby brother who wasn’t quite ready for that type of food yet, so instead he got a “puff”!

Baby brother was just learning to crawl and I loved capturing him in his room, reaching for his “lovie” as he put so much effort into scooting across the floor. I also love capturing an activity that happens a lot with a baby – changing diapers – and of course the sweet kiss of Mommy after!

baby learning to crawl photo

baby at changing table photo

Big sister had lots of favorite activities for me to document – watercolor painting, jumping on her bed, reading books with Mom and playing with dinosaurs. I loved capturing her in her element, doing the things that she loved.

These favorite activities will look different in a year, and it will be fun for the family to look back on these images as a visual memory of what she was like at this point in time.

little girl painting photo

little girl jumping on bed photo

little girl reading with mom photo

little girl playing with dinosaurs photo

And, of course, I had to capture the two kids together. They got all snuggled up on their couch, and you could not help noticing the love that the big sister has for her baby brother.

portrait brother and sister on couch

Toward the end of the session, we headed less than a block away to their favorite neighborhood park. This is an important part of the day for this family, to get the kids some fresh air and let the big sister run out some her energy. I totally understand this necessary part of any weekend day, as I try to do the exact same thing with my energetic three year old.

There was lots of silliness, games of hide and seek, and snuggles. This family definitely loves this little park and the time they spend together there.

silly dad with daughter photo

baby snuggles photo

mom and daughter laying on grass photo


My name is Kelley, and I am a Denver family photographer. I believe that some of the most memorable family photos you’ll have are the ones that show the interactions and moments that take place in and around the home, where kids are most comfortable and most happy . Click here to get in touch.

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