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A documentary newborn photo session captures the authenticity of life with a new baby and all the raw emotions, special connections, new routines and unconditional love that is created.

And a documentary newborn photo session works particularly well when there are other kids in the house. They feel more a part of the session and get their fair share of attention, because while the baby sleeps they have me all to themselves. It is also a great way to capture the developing love and connections between siblings.

With three little girls under the age of 5, this Mom wanted to capture the new reality of their family and to document all the squishy cuteness of her newborn. I was immediately impressed with the immense grace and ease in which Mom handled her crew. She found a way to divide her attention equally among her girls while still attending to her newborn’s constant needs. And, of course, Dad was there to help and to keep the older girls “entertained”.

denver newborn photographer

newborn sleeping lap

newborn laughing photo

girl with spoon

girl at kitchen counter


newborn sink bath

motherhood three girls

multitasking mom

sibling newborn snuggle

documentary newborn photo session

newborn neck nuzzle

little girl reading books

mom trying to eat at kitchen counter

family doing puzzles

girl with cute hat

little girls playing

denver family photographer

sibling connection photo

family room in home photo session


My name is Kelley, and I am a Denver newborn photographer. I believe that some of the most memorable family photos you’ll have are the ones that show the moments that take place in and around the home, where kid’s personalities naturally and easily shine through. Click here to get in touch.

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