documentary family photo session | family of five

With three young kids, there was never a dull moment during this 2-hr documentary family photo session. There were cookies to be made, bedrooms to be played in, water to be splashed, soccer goals to be defended, and magic markers to be colored (um, not just on paper!). And, there were even a few quiet moments to be had.

A documentary family photo session captures the real, authentic personalities of a family.

The energetic 7 year old, the focused 5 year old and the precocious 1 year old were all documented as they went about their everyday lives.

documentary family photo session

boy focused cookie making

real life portrait little girl

I got a couple of “family” photos too – but definitely not your traditional “smile and look at the camera” ones.

Rather, the photos were a more real life depiction of what it is like to sit on a couch with three squirmy kids or what it looks like to make cookies with 6 little “helping” hands!

crazy family on couch


three kids making cookies

I would have to say that these kids love the water and make that a priority when it comes to backyard summer playtime.

The baby sister was definitely “in charge”. She also insisted on a change of clothes to more “suitable” water attire…a tutu of course, pulled up to her chest. What a fashionista!

little girl water hose pointed at brothers

little girl in plastic pool

Below are some more of my favorite photos from this documentary family photo session.

boy falling on bed

little girl holding stuffie walking down stairs

boy jumping on bed

boy in soccer net

little girl portrait bathing suit


My name is Kelley, and I am a Denver family photographer. I believe that some of the most memorable family photos you’ll have are the ones that show the moments that take place in and around the home, where kid’s personalities naturally and easily shine through. Click here to get in touch.

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Rachel Kemble

Love the B&W with soccer goal!

Jess Elysse Kornacki

The one with the boy in the process of falling onto the bed is amazing! These are incredible photographs, and they really capture the life in these kids. Beautiful!

Elizabeth Stamm Weitz

Wow! I love how you make it feel like I’m right there with this family. Gorgeous work!

Danielle Bond

Love love those!! My favorites is the first one and the baking one!

Katie Bicket Green

You can tell you can really “see” the light! I love it every time I see your work. And of course document this amazing, energetic family. 🙂

Larissa Clark

Wow, those outdoor b&w shots are my favorite… The one with the sprinkler is gorgeous!,,

Erin Barajas

These are just bursting with personality. Love them, great captures.

Willy Wilson

There is so much to love about these photos Kelley. I love the water images, just classic and fun and amazing contrast. I love the reflection of the family on the countertop while they’re cooking. I love the boy “falling” from his nightstand. You are an amazing documentary family photographer.

Stephanie Morrell Sugaski

These are all amazing! Love the personalities that shine through.